Spiral filling machine & measuring cup filling machine

The difference between these two kinds of Volumetric filling machines

Spiral filling machine and measuring cup filling machine are two common powder filling machines, which have certain differences in operating principles, applicability, advantages and disadvantages.

1、 Operating principle

Spiral filling machine: The powder is pushed into the packaging container through rotating spiral blades.
Measuring cup filling machine: Using a measuring cup or measuring device, the powder is poured into the measuring cup manually or mechanically, and then filled into the packaging container by the measuring cup.

2、 Applicable scope

Spiral filling machine: Suitable for powders with good fluidity, capable of efficiently completing a large number of continuous filling operations. For large capacity packaging containers, spiral filling machines are more suitable.
Measuring cup filling machine: Suitable for small batch and multi variety production, especially suitable for situations where the measuring cup is frequently replaced or there are many types of powder. For powders with poor fluidity, the measuring cup filling machine can improve the filling effect by manually stirring or adjusting the spiral blades.

3、 Advantages and disadvantages

Spiral filling machine-Suitable for large-scale continuous production, with fast filling speed and high efficiency.
-Simple structure, easy maintenance, and long service life.
-The speed and direction of the spiral blades can be adjusted as needed to adapt to different particle sizes and densities of powders.
-For powders with poor fluidity or containing larger particles, blockage may occur.
-Filling small capacity or irregular packaging containers may not be very convenient.
Measuring cup filling machine-Suitable for small batch and multi variety production, with high flexibility.
-For powders with poor fluidity, the filling effect can be improved through manual stirring and other methods.
-Suitable for packaging containers of different shapes and sizes.
-The filling speed is relatively slow and the efficiency is low.
-Frequent replacement of measuring cups or cleaning of measuring devices increases operating costs and time.
-It may not be suitable for large-scale continuous production.

In summary, spiral filling machines and measuring cup filling machines each have their own application scope and advantages and disadvantages. Choosing appropriate filling machinery based on actual production needs and powder characteristics can improve production efficiency and quality.