What is the difference between screw filling and vibration filling?

This two ways are all for filling powder into container

Screw filling and vibration filling are two methods of filling powder into containers.
Screw filling is a volumetric method that uses a screw to dispense a predetermined volume of powder into the container. The screw rotates and moves the powder from the hopper to the container.
Vibration filling, on the other hand, is a weight-based method that uses vibration to settle the powder in the container. The vibration causes the powder to settle and compact, allowing more powder to be added until the desired weight is reached.

They both have high accuracy characteristics,but there are a few differences between them

For screw filling
Unsuitable for filling powders that are prone to bridging or clogging.
Causing certain damage to the filled material

For Vibration Filling
Suitable for filling powders that are prone to bridging or clogging .
Requires a longer time to fill the container
Will not damage the filling material
Requires more maintenance due to the presence of moving parts

Based on our company’s experience, most powder materials or materials that are not easily broken use screw filling, such as milk powder, cocoa powder, flour, salt, fertilizers, sugar, protein powder, Cocoa Powder, Brown Sugar, Curry Powder, PepperGround Pepper, Pet Food, Rice Powder, etc., while those that are easily broken or have large particles use vibration filling, such as oatmeal, pasta, candy, Breadcrumb, Seeds, etc, Pet Food, Plastic Granules, Grains, etc