A powder filling scheme with strong fluidity

Production Introduction

Project design

There are three type of filling machines can be used the filling 25kg bag

1C1 powder filling machine 1C2 powder filling machine 1C3 powder filling machine
Material requirements  Non-dusty,Moderate dusty Non-dusty  Non-dusty,Moderate dusty,Highly dusty
Weigh During filling Before filling During filling

The client had never deliveryed us some tapioca ,so we search some information of the material on the internet.The result is the tapioca is a highly flowability material.For flowability of powders,you can check previous articles About flowability of powders .so we suggest the client to use 1C3 powder filling machine. This machine has a liftable tray that can gradually lower during the filling process,The function can prevent the generation of much dust.


During actual production, we found that the tapioca powder is no just highly flowability,is super, because it undergone special treatment and has strong flowability, even like water.

Though the filling machine  has a bottom sealing device,the powder still flows out from the gap of the device,unstopable.Please review the video that was taken during actual production.


Our company attaches great importance to this issue and has made improvements to the bottom sealing device by replacing the hemispherical seal with a sleeve seal.Completely solved the issue of material leakage on the video.

If you have a better solution, you can contact us, Thank you