Can Seamer

Can seamer

Can Seamer

Can Seamer involving transmission,material science,automation technology, manufacturing technology and other fields.

This machine can automatically seal the can,and support most standard can including 502/401/307/300.

  • Reasonable design,less space ocupption,and can prevent external pollution when working
  • It support the function of vacuum pumping and nitrogen filling,and also support disable these functions through screen setting.
  • It is easy to operate,and all main parameters can be setting
  • It is easy to chang the moudle for suitting the new can.
  • We provide you with some functions to choose from, such as Vacuum pumping or Nitrogen filling
Model S1 SV1 SV2
Function Sealing Sealing;Vacuum Pumping;Nitrogen Filling
Structure of Sealing 1-head 1-head 2-head
Capacity  20~30 per minute  6~8 per minute   10~16 per minute
Residual Oxygen Null  ≤3%
Compressed Air  0.5~0.8MPa Clean Air 1M3 per hour  0.5~0.8MPa Clean Air 2M3 per hour
Nitrogen Purity Not Request ≥99%
Nitrogen Consumption Null 4M3 per hour 8M3 per hour
Total Power  1.5KW  4KW  8KW
Overall Size  2000×900×1600  1800×760×1850  2200×1050×1900
Total Weight  400kg  900kg





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