Can Cleaner

Non-magnetic empty can cleaner can effectively clean dust and  eliminate bacteria, viruses, microorganisms on the surface of the cans, and is widely used in food, medicine, grain and other industries.

The equipment has the following characteristics:

– Structural advantage that  takes less space while fully cleaning the cans.

– Non magnetic to avoid dust pollution caused by magnetism and static electricity after cleaning the can

– Frequency conversion speed control can control the feeding speed according to actual needs.

– The mold can be replaceed to meet different types of  cans.

 Way of working Turntable
 Applicable tank specifications Diameter Φ75~Φ130mm (need to change the lever mold) height 80~200mm
 Cleaning speed ≤50 cans/min (frequency conversion speed regulation)
 Clean method UV light (15W×11 pieces in the turntable, 15W×2 pieces in the sterilization room)

Air blowing and vacuuming

 Work height  850±50mm
 Overall size  Length×width×height=2500×1510×2435mm
 power supply  380V    50Hz
 Total power  1KW
 Total Weight  200kg



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